Welcome to the most amazing edible on the market with THC and CBD for pain relief, inflammation, and overall relaxation.

Stixx are available for RECREATIONAL sales here in

Colorado!!! Check out our new tab

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21+ here in our amazing state!

Cotton Candy Ltd Edition is just about gone!!!

Our next Ltd Edition flavor is MANGO!!!



These are an amazing way to get your healing THC (50mg each) and CBD (25mg each) in a single serving dose (75mg total) to be taken anytime you need relief throughout the day. Stixx are discrete and dosing is easily controlled!



Pain Reliever!!!

Sleep Aid!!!!


Easily tucked in a backpack, pocket or purse and sealed in heavy plastic so they won’t burst or open unless you want them to, Stixx are the ultimate portable medicine in A.M. and P.M. specific flavors!


Even reseal you Stixx with a common lighter to save some for later!

Add Stixx to your yogurt or smoothie for a delicious medicated treat with very little hash taste at all!

Use Stixx in place of your sugar when making homemade Medicated WHIPPED CREAM!!


Also a wonderful way to sweeten your coffee or tea, Stixx dissolve nicely in hot drinks to give you a delicious medicated boost to any hot beverage. (but be aware your tea / coffee may smell delicious) 


Some of the newest ways people have been getting their medicine with Stixx is to sprinkle it over some cut up strawberries with whipped cream or over your half of a grapefruit in the morning for amazing relief all day from your aches and pains and a very manageable THC experience


As Sweet As Medicine Can Be!